Support the Teachers, Embrace Our Kids

The Raising South Sudan project supports schools in South Sudan

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Teachers are the Heart of Sustainable Schools

South Sudan is the world's newest and one of its most fragile countries. The Nyarweng and Gumriak Primary Schools of the Raising South Sudan project are inspired by former Lost Boys James Lubo Mijak of Charlotte, Ngor Kur Mayol of Atlanta, and James Manyror of Denver. Mothering Across Continents team members manage the schools in collaboration with these amazing young men.

Today, about 800 students attend these private community schools. The schools are necessary because South Sudan doesn't have the budget to adequately support education. Teachers supported through the Raising South Sudan project are community anchors who can sustain learning when they are paid, appreciated, and provided with resources and training.

Raising South Sudan is a flagship project of US 501c3 nonprofit Mothering Across Continents