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Support Women-inspired Education in Old Fangak, South Sudan

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Women and children bear the greatest burdens of conflict and poverty.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Women at the Center project, begun by Dr. Ann Evans and managed in partnership with nonprofit Mothering Across Continents. The first simple donation from Dr. Ann Evans ("Dr. Ann") was hand grinders to help ease daily meal preparation. This began a joyous bond that evolved into an actual Women's Center building and creation of a Women's Association.

A Focus on Women Created Momentum
Over time, the Women at the Center project expanded to include Old Fangak Community School serving more than 200 adults and 1,000+ K-8 students, nearly 40 percent of whom are girls. Many of the school's teachers have received nationally certified training. The first girls to be eligible for secondary school (high school) scholarships will graduate from Old Fangak Community School at the end of 2018. A loan program for women-owned business has been established.

Sustainable Infrastructure and Operations - the Ultimate Challenge
The blessing of quality education also creates a need for classrooms, desks and materials. Over 2018 and 2019, there is a need for 10 new classrooms. There is funding to build the first three in mid-2018 ($5,000 each). But donations are needed for 45 three-seat desks at a cost of $150 (Each classroom needs 15 desks.) These desks meet many different needs - for primary school day students, for adults in afternoon and evening classes, and for parents and community leaders to hold planning meetings.

Women at the Center is a project of US 501c3 nonprofit Mothering Across Continents

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