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Women at the Center - Old Fangak Community School

Support Nearly 1,000 Children and More than 200 Adults with K-6 Education

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Due to past war and conflict, the average person in South Sudan has received only 5 years of formal education.

Thank you so much for your interest in the Women at the Center project and opportunities to support education at the Old Fangak Primary School as part of the overall initiative. Dr. Ann Evans ("Ann") started the school project, constructing the first classroom blocks, and she continues to inspire and advocate for the Mothering Across Continents-managed school that has grown serving more than 200 adults and nearly 1,000+ primary school students, Grades K-6. More than 30 percent of the students are girls, a vastly higher percentage than generally attend primary school in South Sudan. The Old Fangak Community School is recognized by parents, community leaders and the government as the model school in the region. Currently, we are inviting donations to support uniforms and desks. Please read on to understand more about why these are so essential to a quality, sustainable school.

Uniforms Would Create a Sense of Security and Pride
The Old Fangak community is very proud to have a large, well-functioning school. Nearly 100% of students from the 2018 class of Grade 6 passed their entrance exams into the local Grade 7 and 8 "middle school" across the street. Just as important in some ways would be the addition of uniforms (at a cost of $15 each; $2,250 for a full class set of 45). Uniforms reinforce pride as students walk down the street, especially for girls who are the least likely to be able to go to school in South Sudan. In addition, education is so valued that boys who are wearing uniforms are less likely to be targeted for recruitment into military activities.

No More Need to Carry Your Own Chair or Sit on a Can!
The blessing of quality education and classrooms also creates a need for desks. In 2019, we were able to wide the original classrooms and add 10 new classrooms, alleviating overcrowding. The school has some makeshift desks and benches, but they are roughly produced and do not have spaces to hold books, pens and papers. Donations are needed for three-seat desks (see photo above) at a cost of $150 (Each classroom needs 15 desks for the average classroom count of 45 students.) These desks meet many different needs - for primary school day students, for adults in afternoon classes, and for parents and community leaders to hold planning meetings. A loan program for women-owned business has been established.

Women at the Center is a project of US 501c3 nonprofit Mothering Across Continents