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NewGen Peacebuilders is a peace education program for young people that emphasizes their role in achieving a peaceful world. With a focus on high school students NewGen Peacebuilders consists of five intensive workshop days, conference calls with guest speakers, and completion of a team action peace project. The program is delivered over the course of a semester. NewGen Peacebuilders trains and equips high school students to:

  • Truly understand drivers of conflict and peace;
  • Imagine innovative solutions that create change;
  • Take action to address an issue impacting quality of life in a community or communities.

The result is empowered young people who are equipped to actively resolve conflict and build bridges for the rest of their lives.

In the first two years of NewGen Peacebuilders students designed and implemented ten action peace projects. Requirements and standards are that action peace projects be completed during a program cohort. To date, 100 percent of students have met these requirements and been awarded status as certified NewGen Peacebuilders. Half of the projects continued after the program, an indication that student commitments to peacebuilding are sustainable.

Programs in Charlotte, NC have been so successful that participating schools put in advance requests to participate in 2016. In addition, NewGen Peacebuilders is receiving requests from students, teachers and civic leaders to expand to more schools in Charlotte, neighboring districts, and other areas of the United States.